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    I just upgraded to a new PC running Windows 10, and I am having a problem with MEW. Specifically, I cannot drag files from File Manager into MEW or open files from File Manager using “Open With…” from the context menu. I am able to drop files from File Manager into every other application I was able to drop them into in Windows 7, and the same for “Open With…”, so this appears to be an issue specific to MEW.

    Interestingly, I am able to open files with no problem using the MEW File | Open… dialog, or drag and drop from the GUI of my source control system – the only thing that doesn’t work is drag and drop from File Manager.

    Is this a known bug, and if so, is there a fix or workaround?



    FWIW, it works perfectly for me in Windows 10 Pro.


    Clay Martin


    Windows 10 is undoubtedly one of the latest and popular Operating System of Windows OS that comes with several great features. But sometime while upgrading from predecessor variant it might possible that your System gets infected with a malware and some of your crucial files get deleted which as result you cannot drag files into MEW. Well, calm down and follow an appropriate solution which is provided in this URL –

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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