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    John Martzouco

    Purely out of curiosity… how are these mass-posting spammers (like abc…) gaining access to this forum?


    Clay Martin

    You can only keep the bots out, and that is not easy. Anytime you have a forum that allows guest posts and open registration, you can’t stop the small amount of spam that is placed by hand.

    With OCR tech getting better, the images with numbers/letters cease to be a deterrent.

    You can see a technique I have used successfully here. … topic&f=15

    But even that has to be tweaked occasionally.



    I asked one person who had a very simple "Are you human?" chaptcha question added to his forum how effective it was, and he said it got rid of 99% of the spam.


    Clay Martin

    One of the things I found is that if the answer is a selection, versus typed text, then there needs to be more than 2 choices and the correct one can’t be choice 0.

    Initially it worked well, but after a month, spam again. I added more choices and moved the correct one down the list. Now I only get human spammers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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