About Multi Edit Software, Inc.

Welcome to the shiny, brand new home of Multi Edit Software, Inc! Originally created in October 2002 to support and continue development of the Multi-Edit product line, the company has now switched to a new, modern-looking website, while we prepare an even better product for our users.

For those of you who don’t know us yet: welcome! Multi-Edit is a programming/text editor which has been around for over 30 years, since the days of DOS. Powerful, fast and competitive, Multi-Edit has been, and still is, used by programmers, developers, text editors, home users, Universities, military, government and state departments, and many, many others.

Multi Edit Software, Inc. was started by Mr. Chad Williams, who had been working for Multi-Edit’s creator for a number of years before making an offer, purchasing the product, and continuing the development of one of the best programming editors ever made. In October 2002, Multi Edit Software, Inc., or MESI, was born, and soon after, more specialized versions were created: Multi-Edit Lite, Multi-Edit Lite for SAS, and MobileME.

We greatly value all of our users, and we are proud to say that Multi-Edit has always been, and always will be, built by our users, for our users. All these years, we have kept improving all versions of Multi-Edit, and you know what the result is: a powerful IDE with incredible speed, depth, uncompromising program access, and support for over 50 languages. We wanted to make it even better, but we ran into a huge obstacle: our core was built using Pascal, which meant that we couldn’t use cross platform support, true Unicode, along with many other limitations. Multi-Edit simply couldn’t progress the way we wanted it to.

We designed a new product, and outsourced it to create a new, improved Multi-Edit kernel. We spent a lot of time interviewing outsourcing agencies, but, despite our best efforts, the one we selected proved unable to follow through with the build, because they didn’t properly anticipate the scope of the project. We have since picked up their development, and the product once again resembles the good old Multi-Edit you’ve known for more than 30 years – except it’s better.

With this version of Multi-Edit, you can control all of your VCS programs and compilers, and integrate with your existing RAD environment at the same time without cutting-and-pasting your code between editors. You can search and replace. Define the perfect parameter. Integrate seamlessly. Effortlessly jump back and forth between different positions. Collapse what you don’t need, and find everything you do need with a click of your right mouse button. In short, you can program better, and program faster, with a single program editor. But the story isn’t over yet.

Now, we are trying to complete the final 30% of our build. With it, you would get the same UI you’re used to, but with all the previous restrictions removed, making Multi-Edit more powerful than ever, and returning it to its proper place as the ultimate programming editor. What’s more, there would also be the long-awaited Mac and Linux releases. We were in the process of gathering funds to complete the development, and, while in this vulnerable phase, we ran into trouble.

Our CEO, Mr. Chad Williams, went through a divorce. That would normally be a private matter, but in this case, the ownership of MESI came into dispute, and no new movement – like contracts or deals – was allowed until the dispute was settled. It was finally ruled that Mr. Williams was to maintain the full ownership of MESI, and it looked like things would move forward. Until a new challenge showed up.

Without warning, we experienced a massive server failure. This left MESI without a website, without access to our email accounts, loss of data and, of course, no sales.┬áBecause of that, MESI was “away” for more than 2 months. Our team has struggled to create a new website, the one you see now, and we’re happy with the new, modern design. We will continue to update it, just as we will continue working on the new build of Multi-Edit.

Multi-Edit was once incomparable. It’s still good, but that’s far from enough. After more than 30 years of use by educational facilities, space agencies, governments, the military, pharmaceutical companies, restaurants, countless home users from all over the world, and many, many more, we keep going for our rightful place as the ultimate program editor, and the only editor you will ever need. We won’t stop until we deliver exactly the product you all want, the one which enables you to program faster, program better, and on any platform.

Multi-Edit, the ultimate program editor.