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Leslie Satenstein

Before leaving the Baan ERP environment, I did my best to promote MEW as the best editor on the block. There are contenders that do a little of what your product does, but not all is done.

I am between contracts and I was hoping that one issue that is a nuisance could be resolved.

That is the marking of a comment bar in column1 for the length of a block.

Baan only supports end of line comments, so what happens is comment block overwrites column 1 instead of displacing the block by one character and then putting in the end of line comment.

Taking out the eol comments via the alt-o-o does not restore the overwritten data.

I ended up doing a shift right on the data, followed by the alt-oo, and to undo , I did the reverse steps.

Seeing I may have some time, I will look at sharing the effort to implement this feature.
There are a few templates that I have to change or add, and these require documentation.

My last documentation was on a laptop that is gone from my possession. I have it no more. On it was my lastest cmac doc.

Anyway, I also want to describe how to use mew in linux. The world of linux needs a smart editor like Multiedit to replace emacs. Emacs is a heavy product to learn.

FYI, Wine is a freebee that supports the linux emulation of the windows registry, "xp disks", and "windows gui". I moved mew across, it runs but some of the customisations did not work, such as the macro compiler does not work in wine.

I would only say that there are about 50 million linux desktop systems out there, with the strong three being Fedora (from Red Hat), UBUNTU and Novel. Other linuxes are compatible, but lower in numbers. Linux is free.