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Leslie Satenstein


I am on vacation, and instead of programming in Baan ERP (A delphi type of language), I am playing with Linux and finding out if I can live without XP Pro. I also am lucky to work in a AIX Unix environment along with exchange server, and all kinds of goodies for the aerospace industry.

So, back to MEW. My approach now is to use a command line utility that untabs sources to multiples of 8. In MEW, I have tabs set to 1 character, so that I can indent or exdent columns by 1.

I did ask for an enhancement which was an align text to the leading edge of the first line in a marked block. The idea behind this is after an auto indent, I could mark the current line and subsequent lines that go together and voila, some neatness. is there immediately.

Have a nice balance of summer.

Regards from
Montreal Canada