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Clay Martin

Nice run down Andy.

Just of late, I have had a few customers (potential actualy :cry: ) that have griped about the price difference between UE and MEW and asked “why don’t you have EZRTools for UE?” The short answer is, no macro language and no templates, SOL.

That said, it would be nice to have a comparison chart (hint hint MESI) that took on the question in a side by side format. Visiting the UE web site and trying to run down their list of features (they claim some windows functionality as features, like select more than one file to open at a time) to make up such a chart is somewhat daunting (and best left to experts). Even nicer would be to have a chart that compaired the top 3 or 4 editors’ features. It would be a usefull tool to help convice that potential customer that buying MEW and EZRTools(add on package for MEW) has a lot of advantages other than just the functionality of EZRTools. As it is I got to sell MEW in order to sell my product.

Well enough wining, back to work,