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Thanks for the pointer, deleyd.
I had a look in my MeConfig.db file, and was able to compare it to an older .tmp copy that MEW had stored in the config folder.

Various parts of my HTML definition had got scrambled and the LANG=CFSCRIPT section:
LANG=CFSCRIPTRW1=for while do if else switch case break default in continue function var return this IsDefined WriteOutput try catchRW2=CreateObjectSYM=.=+-*/:;<>|&#,~!^?BRK=()[]{}STR="’LIT=\\OC1=/*CC1=*/EOL=//CFGMAC=C^CSetProperties /L=CFSCRIPTINIMAC=C^CInitINDMAC=C^CIndentMATMAC=C^CMatchPROP=/EC=41/IS=1/O=319/CI=2
had vanished entirely.

I merged the old line back into the config file, restarted MEW and everything was back to normal.