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I also get exactly the same error as the original poster mentioned. I’m on a Windows XP Professional box, have plenty of memory and disk and every else. It has done this to me for quite some time, even before the .04 patch. It does happen with other apps running but thats only a coincidence. I have had it happen with nothing else running, just trying to start Multi-Edit (but almost always it is when you have passed command line filenames to open).

It happens most frequently to me when I have my compiler running and it hits an error. At that point it calls Multi-Edit to start and feeds it command line params of the source file and the error file names. ME tries to start (gets all the way painted, splash screen then the two files show) and then it pops the error before I get control. You have to acknowledge about four error boxes and then you can just go on like normal. Sometimes but not always then the fonts are weird. If the fonts are normal you can exit no problem. If the font has also been blown then when you exit you will get additional error messages you have to acknowledge.

For me its about 95% of the time during startup of ME when it is totally down. But I have on rare occasions had it happen if ME was already up and the compiler called it again with new file names.

My machine is a single processor but does have hyperthreading and that is on. I don’t know if its a coincidence or not because I also put on new versions of ME about the same time that I got this machine but I do NOT remember it ever happening with my old system.

It just happened and I captured some screens. If you want to see those let me know how to get them to you. They’re not too exciting just showing what I described above. Command line start (called from my compiler), two files showing and error box pops before I got control.

Sometimes I go for several days and never see the errors. Some days I will see it happen probably 5 to 8 times during the day, just depends on how intense I’m doing compile/change cycles.