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Leslie Satenstein

Lets look at the market. Multiedit is for programmers, many of which are students or some of us who are retired. While the majority of us make their living doing fulltime programming, most use multi-edit casually. We dont try to extend its use.

Not too many can afford the current selling price. Face it, the market is not gigantic and I presume that is the reason why sales are not in the millions.

Multiedit fills a niche market. If it become too expensive, the world will beat a path to an alternate product.

It would be nice if ME could be enhanced to fill other uses then editing. I was thinking of a Windows application driver of sorts. Getting it used outside of editing will open up the product to a larger market and to a larger volume of sales. I was thinking of it being able to drive a database, or act as well as a telnet interface. These are only my thoughts on extending the market so as to keep the selling price reasonable.

I am not a marketing economics expert, but I think that MES should run a survey to determine the volume of sales versus the selling price, naturally taking profit and support costs into account.

My situation is different from others. I own my version, and thus, the upgrade cost is easier to assume then a full purchase cost. I would make the upgrade cost to be the selling price, and suggest you go with that.

I might also be interested in a subscription as long as my existing subscribed version did not die at the subscription renewal date. I could spring for it. My concern is what it will cost me, and what can I do with ME that I could not do with an alternate.

Another way to lower costs is to allow the user community to assume some responsibility. In that regard, allowing us to colaborate and to document its use, and to be able to have the documentation maintained on line. The sore point I have is not with the ME’s functionality, but with it’s documentation not being able to be a used by a casual developer for adding another language. I am still waiting for a good CMAC manual, one that would be good enough to allow me to work independently of MES staff, or of acquaintences that I met via this board. Skilled ME endusers who helped me to get started in doing what I needed to do to make ME a powerful tool.

The editor should come with an optional source management software. I would like to see it front end a source management program such as rcs, or cvs, but more than just check-in/check-out.

In so doing, I was thinking of it doing what a commercial source management product currently does, and that is to maintain revision comments in the source at source check-out time.

Another idea is to try to have ME as a product that other companies use as part of their software offering. (A tailored version). Could you convince Microsoft to replace their editor with ME?

Just my rabling thoughts on looking for other markets for ME and thus increased revenues, which hopefully results in lower end-user costs.