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Clay Martin

Ouch! Sorry about the Brett, Brent :oops:

Good point about the parameter passing. Include with that the method of using //PARM= when the parm must survive multiple ParseInt/ParseStr treatments.

Another area would be describing all the places you can use meta commands. I reciently by found that you can use <LFN> within a template with <PATH> to get the long version. I saw the results(dos style) in the template expansion I was working on for an article. Without realy thinking I typed the <LFN> in front of the <PATH>. It was not until I was going back thru the popup for the meta commands on the edit template dialog that I realized <LFN> was not listed with the meta commands there. I knew <LFN> could be used in setting up compilers, using RM(“…”), etc. So documenting everywhere meta commands work, and listing all in one place might be usefull to someone just starting to customize MEW. I think many of us older hands forget that much of what we know is not in the doc but instead was found out by asking a support question or through a “fortunate mistake”. :wink:

Now Brent, what is this about creating your own meta commands, that’s new to me!

Off to “surf” the source code,