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One reason the Dataflex support is limited is because at one point there was a company that was selling a Dataflex Add-On and an agreement was made with them that Multi-Edit would not have native support for Dataflex thus taking away their market. I believe that company has now stopped supporting that product but we have never added full support since we hadn’t had too many requests for it and I don’t know much about Dataflex.

I did a search and have found that the Dataflex support macros that was originally available seems to be available for download. It can be downloaded from … ibRecId=68 but appears that it only supports Multi-Edit up to version 8. I haven’t looked at the code so don’t know how hard it would be to update to support the current version of Multi-Edit but at least it might be a place to start.[/quote:26qhm1wr]

Hey, Dan, Thank you.

Could you take a look at what is there and give me your rough guess what would be involved to use it, essentially, as is? Thanks.

I’ve downloaded and extracted what is there… I am not good at guessing about things outside my experience. I can’t find the “Installation” Instructions that “Start at the begining.” Apparently, they also included the source, but I’m having fits just trying to tell what all the parts are, where they should Extract to, and what might stil work just fine for “Old DataFlex (the console mode) language is what I want supported anyway. At least for now.

I don’t want to impose, yet it seems I must to some extent. It would be helpful to have a few of the basic things working… and it seems since PolyStyle doesn’t support FataFlex and did not respond/provide any hope for any “do it yourself” efforts on my part, the old tools look like my best hope.

Of the possible universe of things, I would like ME to:

1) If compile and PRN (error listing)

2) highlight keywords (and for some of the wierd extensions locally used in this shop for source, .532) [I may know how to add that extension now, but it would be nice to be sure and to see it integrated)

3) Parenthesis balancing and Begin End balancing would be great.

4) I also need to know how to control and defeat autocompletion when it gets turned on. I ran into a situation in which something I was typing was being auto formated (for some other language I think) and it was very difficult to get typed in what I needed.

5) I have turned on the feature that reloads files left opened at the prior close. I’m interested to know if those are old versions or refreshed ‘disk” versions. I seem to have gotten messages impliying that ME knows the difference between an in memory version and changed text on the drive, but I’m not sure of the parameters of this behavior. Can you tell me where to look for that documentation?