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Theses days, I mainly use C++, C# and Cmac. Occasionally I edit some Visual Studio resources files, from MFC framework or C# (i.e. XML), batches, C, HTML and plain text.

Years before, I used ME for VHDL, ABEL, assembly (for DSPs).

Concerning languages support, for the present, I would love to get hooks for tools like Visual Studio 8 Intellisence. That kind of tool is a killer for rapid programming, and may be the sole reason to abandon using ME when such IDE are available.

When programming with MFC, there is a hook to BSC, that I use much, but now with C#, I’ve no tools at all on ME side and a great one on Visual Studio side. I still use ME mainly for templates auto expansion (I’ve greatly expanded its power but it’s another story), and search capabilities. I switch back and forth the two editors when I need Intellisence (for that I appreciate the synchronization between both).

To resume, ME is now a great multi-language code editor, I would like it to be the greatest multi-language programs editor.