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If so…


Any chance you could add functionality that would let me add a second TXT file to the compile? Something like USER_ADDED.TXT… that way when I build, I could keep the base set of word and add my own as well.

PS – Very much enjoying your Spell Checker… good job![/quote:36ogfpln]

Well the words need to be sorted, So it would be necessary to merge/sort the two files in to a new file, and call that new file EDX_DICTIONARY.TXT . All this could just as well be done externally. So you could write a batch file or something which does the merge/sort, names the output file EDX_DICTIONARY.TXT, then runs EDXBuildDictionary.exe .

There is another option which may suit your needs. The latest version of edxspell.dll at [url:36ogfpln][/url:36ogfpln] now includes support for a user’s personal auxiliary dictionary. I didn’t put that version here since Multi-Edit already supplies an AUX1 and AUX2 dictionaries. Anyway in the latest version the call to edx$dic_lookup_word is now
[code:36ogfpln]status = edx$dic_lookup_word(char *spellword, char *errbuf, int errbuflen, char *Dic_File_Name, char *Aux1_File_Name);[/code:36ogfpln]
Here Aux1_File_Name is the name of a plain text file with one word per line. It’s expected that this file will not be too long. There is no length limit, it’s just if the word isn’t found in the main EDX dictionary then it searches this, which is all loaded into memory, so the search will go very fast, until you start page faulting, which will only happen if this list is very long. You could probably have up to 8192 characters with no serious performace drop. Then all you would need to do is modify the call to edx$dic_lookup_word in EDXspell.s to include passing the Aux1_File_Name, and upgrade to the new edxspell.dll.

Well those are the ideas I have so far of what options are currently available.