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It would be very helpfull if I could have specific lines have a different color from the rest of the lines in a file.
I hope this will be added as a feature.
Does there exist a macro for doing this?[/quote:2rosj39f]


I should first start of by saying this is not the answer you were directly looking for, but I thought I’d offer a couple suggestions.

I assume you’d like to color some lines in order to make them easier to fine while scrolling up and down.

I do two things in ME to help me navigate. I have set up four different EOL comments, each with their own color scheme. I can then insert the appropriate comments in my code to make lines show up as different colors. I have colors (with varying intensities) for "TODO/CRITICAL", "Headings", "Normal Comments", and a very muted gray for code I comment out that is slated for the chopping block. I use a muted color to help keep it from distracting me whereas for TODO/Critical I use a very loud red. The headings are intense yellow, and my normal comments are a pale yellow. It breaks up the code very nicely.

I also use the bookmark functionality heavily to jump around in a file. For example, if I am investigating a bug that involves multiple subroutines, I’ll bookmark each one and then I can easily hop around between all of them while tracking it down.

But to answer your question directly, I don’t believe what you’re looking for is possible, or at least feasible. But perhaps someone from the fine folks at MultiEdit might have some better news for you :)

Good luck, I hope my suggestions help in some way.