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Judging from the options available in Customize dialog and FC.S, it appears you’re trying to slowly phase out the use of the original FC. Perhaps future versions of BCDiffer will have better editing support – but the editing would have to be a lot like Multi-Edit to win me over.[/quote:1wxngnbr]

Not to take over this thread, but I thought I’d add a slightly related wish for the file comparison mechanism in ME.

When choosing "Compare Files" under the "Text" menu (and assuming you do not have the "no window list" option checked, the user is prompted with the window list ("Link Window").

I think it’d be much more intuitive to allow the user to select the two windows (files) he/she wants to compare, instead of always using the active window in the editor and letting the user to pick one window to compare it against.

I don’t suggest changing the standard behavior, since that’d alienate the people who are used to it’s current functionality, but if it were an option option, that’d be really nice. :)