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Tim Pearce

MESI still might want to give Lazarus/FPC a good look, but I don’t think it is usable to them in it’s current state. Perhaps in a year or two it might be ready.[/quote:35idktq8]

My understanding is that Multi-Edit is written more in Pacal than Delphi, I think originally it was written in Turbo Pascal, so the GUI tools provided by Delphi (or Lazarus) are less important to them.

Whilst Laraus is in (very late) beta, the underlying FreePascal is up to version 2. I think Lazarus/FreePascal is probably the least painfull path for MESI to take Multi-Edit to Linux (along with Mac OS X and others in future). The main pain is probably many places where Windows APIs are called directly or the code is tied very closely to Windows behaviour.