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I use the SPAN tag all the time with various CSS defs to alter text display. I noticed that span was missing from the HTML tags context menu, etc.[/quote:1mk0pjf9]
I’m not sure what the HTML context menu is. Do you mean the HTML4 database?

One more point, I don’t know what you use the SPAN tag for, but given I use it to assign a particlular class to some text, templates are much more usefull than getting a standard SPAN tag and then having to edit it to add the class keyword etc.[/quote:1mk0pjf9]
I usually use the span tag for small changes in text that I don’t write a class for.

I use TopStyle for my CSS code, so I like popping up the MultiEdit dialogs for SPAN and DIV. I click the “Style” tab then the ellipses <…> next to the style editbox and TopStyle Lite pops up. I can build (and view) all my style parameters in Topstyle, then click “Done” and import them directly into my code in MultiEdit. Here’s a link to the TopStyle site:

Click the Downloads link for the TopStyle Lite free version that works with MultiEdit. I also use the full version of TopStyle for style sheet files, but only the lite version can be called by MultiEdit.

I like your method of creating HTML Edit Templates instead of WebLair templates. It’s probably better if you have templates for all of your most used keywords. I usually end up hunting around for some of the styles and the TopStyle link helps me find them.

Thanks for your help!