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Michal Vodicka

If my earlier assumption is correct, then perhaps in next revision or version of ME the code relating to this could immediately query the file’s date and time if the file is on a network drive, and keep that as the basis for future date/time comparisons instead of the local time. That way people not running time sync software (or if they’re stuck using a server that is out of sync and an admin that won’t correc the problem) aren’t plagued by this problem.[/quote:33eqfq4v]

This is interesting and I quickly examined related code. The problem is MEW seems to already work as you suggest :) You’re right it compares file date with after switching back (see Tools | Customize | Files | Autosave | Reload changed files when switching back | Determine changed file by | Date/time) but if I haven’t missed something, it doesn’t store local system time but properly reads file date/time after saving. This is something which should be verified, anyway.

The problem may not be in MEW but in network redirector instead. I vaguelly remember redirector can cache file data and related info so if file date/time is read just after save, it may not ask server for real data and return “assumed” value instead. Later, when this part of cache is emptied because of intermetiate file operations, it has to ask server for real data which may differ then. I could ask about it in filesystem related list; I’d need to know which OS including SP you’re using, which Samba redirector if not part of OS and which server.

BTW, do I understand correctly you haven’t encountered it for all files saved to server? Was there some pattern (file size, name, time between save and task switch etc.)?