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John Peacock

I have started to play with subversion which is very much like cvs. At first I tried to just renamed the executables in the cvs config, but CvsChkLib() needs to be totally replaced. So I copied the Cvs.s file to Svn.s and renamed the macros as well. Then I created a new vcs entry called Svn. So far so good. In a simple way I can check in and out and get the history.[/quote:3hgnljtt]

I also got this far and have changed SvnChkLib to correctly find the filename in the .svn/entries file. I can also pull out the repository path (URL) from the entries file, but I don’t know how to

A) Store that (in the global vcsAFile) for later use;
B) Include the URL on the command line (required for add operation).

It would help a lot of the VCS support were better documented (i.e. a skeleton for all files/changes required to add new supported backend).,