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Feel free to go there. :) There’s no way it can switch off spontaneously. The only two ways are for someone to go to the dialog Dan mentioned and manually switch it off, or to write a macro to do so (just about anything that can be set as a preference in Multi-Edit can be set from within a macro).

That particular value can be changed in a macro by accessing the string global #TABBARSETTINGS and parsing out the /EN= substring. Its possible values are:
[list:3eos1a9x]1 = Off
2 = Top
3 = Bottom[/list:u:3eos1a9x]
For info on how to do such a thing, read the sections of the CMac help concerned with global variables, and have a look at DBTools.s. Dan also recently posted a reply to another question regarding the database functionality you might find useful.