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The hex problem follows (a copy of the bug report submitted 2/3/1998). I’ve already ordered the upgrade and should be in heaven early this week!


Multi-Edit for Windows Bug Report Form (ver 1.2)

pRoblem: Hex editing … FF converts to 0x20

I use hex editing on files of records. Some of these files have records of
varying length. To make it easier to view these records I’ll break the edit
line … starting with something like this:

AA 1A 00 AA 1B 00

I might break after the first ’00’ which will give me this:

AA 1A 00
AA 1B 00

If, however, I make the break right before an ‘FF’ ME converts this ‘silent’
space to a hard space of ’20’. Like this:

FF FE 00 FF FF 00

will become:

FF FE 00
20 20 00

This has been reported on CompuServe by myself, and others, since oh, version
6 of ME-DOS. I’ve tried other hex editors but nothing, nothing, comes close to
what ME can do. Resolve this one little problem and I’ll be in heaven!

Name: Paul McEvoy Email Addr:

Machine: Myself P5-166-MMX 32 Mb
Video Card: Stealth II 220
Network: none

Version: 8.0 Beta 5a OS: Win95a
Install Dir: E:\MEW\ Network Drive: NO
Command Map: WCMDMAP Enhanced Brief Mode: NO
File Prompt: Classic

And it also occurs in Beta 7.