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Actually, the functionality you’re asking for is already there. Just select a column block that covers the area where you want the text to go, then select Edit | Block Operations | Fill Block from the main menu to bring up the BlockFill dialog. Type the line you want repeated into the first textbox, set the other checkboxes if you want, press the Fill button, and your text will repeat on each line. In the example you gave, if you simply left sufficient space where the varying text will go, you can then column-select that space and use one of the other block operations to fill in that text, unless it’s truly unique on each line. For instance, if it’s numerically sequenced, then Fill Series will do the job. Check out the documentation on the various block functions; there’s a surprising amount of functionality in there, and quite probably, something to do nearly anything of the sort you gave as an example.

The version I suggested in my first response is about the only one I can think of that it doesn’t really exactly do, although with the right settings it does come close. I assumed you wanted to flow text within a block, effectively treating the left- and right-delimits of the column selection the same way Multi-Edit ordinarily treats the left indent column and the right margin column, wrapping text within those constraints. Somewhere I’ve got a macro that almost does that; not quite, because I wrote it for another purpose, but I suspect it could be adapted.