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John Peacock

The Help | Check for Upgrade in the beta will not locate the new download since it is using the same version number as the final release. [/quote:287y27r3]

That’s why it isn’t a good idea to ship any code out of house which contains the next release version if it isn’t actually that version. It should be trivial to add logic such that:

[code:287y27r3]9.10.04RC1 < 9.10.04[/code:287y27r3]

i.e. anything trailing the version number makes it automatically less than one without the trailing code. You can get more sophisticated and teach it to recognize the difference between BETA, RC1, RC2, etc. This is a particular issue I have interest in, and I have actually added code to the Perl core to support structured version comparisons.

MeUpg.exe /V=9.10.03

That’s tricky (lying to the system to force an upgrade)!