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My primary is Delphi, for which I mostly edit in the Delphi IDE. When I need to reference old code, or similer code or something I’ll open it in MEW, search and copy. If I have a code modification thats long and tedious that can be done in a macro then I’ll load it up in MEW and write a macro for it. I tried that once with perl and it caused more dammage than good, so I stick with CMac for batch modified delphi code.

I also work in Perl alot. I use it as a glue language whenever I need to do a quick and dirty (database, text data, etc). I also have several build scripts in perl to build my delphi apps. I always edit and run my perl from MEW.

I have started using Lua as my Palm language and as my Delphi Scripting language. I always edit lua in MEW, but run it elsewhere. (*Well, except when I’m trying to learn something about the language, I have the lua interupter setup in MEW so that I can run scripts, but I dont use it much*)

The other thing I use MEW for ALOT is reading/modifying data files (CSV, Fixed, etc) text files. I get data from clients that I need to fix up before I can import it. I use MEW Cmac and perl (mostly perl) to fix it up.

I did one project in C, for which I used MEW and hooked up the compiler.