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Clay Martin

A large majority of what I use Me for now-a-days is HTML (and its siblings), Javascript, PHP, SQL and Unix scripts. In the past I have used it for C, ObjectPascal, and some mainframe scripts like TSO-Clist and ISPF panel scripts.

But all along I have used Me, in conjunction with CMAC to do various changes to text based data files when various changes were to be done in a specific way. Banging out some CMAC to do the job is da bomb. Yea, you can do a lot with chains of substitutions like in SED, but having a more c-like full featured language made the work easier and more enjoyable. Wether converting a dump of an old Fox Pro Db to a format to be imported into Quick Books, or just cleaning up some HTML cut by Crystal Reports from a Excel Db, Me makes it easy. So I guess CMAC is an important language to support.

I have used a lot of languages, some I stopped using before finding MEW 7x years ago. I guess I will be using languages in the future that I don’t use now. Me’s ability to handle many languages, even ones not included with the distribution ;) make it a tool box not a single tool. If you interest is deciding what languages to focus more support for, I would humbly suggest that you focus on making Me easier to add language support to. Who knows, I am sure some geek somewhere is working as we type (or read) on a new language yet unseen. It may be a Fourth or it may be a C++, but some lucky sod is going to have to program in it.

Oh yea I use it for SAS some too. :roll: