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Clay Martin

<!macro> is very usefull, and I use it alot in the EZRTools templates, but not in a way that interacts with text being supplied by the templates. For instance you could write a macro that gives the user a yes/no choice, and then inserts, or not, a peice of text provided to the macro on its command line (/value= method of course :wink: ), for allowing options on a templated procedure call.
But if you wanted to interact with other items within the template, like <LFN> does, I’m not quite sure how you would do that. Not that I have anything in particular in mind (actualy the above idea looks promising, but curently I working on allowing users to place and edit SAS Proc statements the same way you can with html in Weblair. Man! I hate working with dialog trees! ). But I allways keep an eye out for something new for version 2. :wink: