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Yes, MAX_LINE_LENGTH is 16383, which is a limitation of CMAC. There is however no limitation on the number of lines in a file (or the limitation may be 2^31=~2 billion or 2^32=~4 billion), so in that respect it can handle a file of any size, as long as lines don’t exceed MAX_LINE_LENGTH.

You can load the file as Binary, in which case Multi-Edit doesn’t pay any attention to line delimiters, and just gives you the whole file in text and hex windows side by side.

Multi-Edit currently doesn’t support UNICODE, which I hope they’re working on for a future release.

Multi-Edit does make it easy to quickly jump to any subroutine in any file. See

And Multi-Edit allows you to configure what keys do, and you can add your own menu entries to any menu, or remove a menu entry, and add any toolbar button you want to any toolbar, or remove any toolbar button from any toobar. See .

And you can configure the screen colors to anything you like. I like the light blue background, and large toolbar icons, as seen in .

And since Multi-Edit is written in CMAC, you can add your own features, or code something that’s too complicated for a keystroke macro.

I’ve fully customized Multi-Edit to my personal tastes, and made my enhancements available to everyone at EDX. Smooth Scroll, Scroll Margins, much more!