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David Morris

I’m afraid I can’t reproduce your problem with XP Pro. I create a text file with a new extension (.MEZ) and made sure it was unassociated with any file. I associated it with MultiEdit in 3 different ways.

1. I double clicked the file and the dialog popped up asking me if I wanted to search the web for an application or select one myself. I chose to select one and Mew32 was in the list. The checkbox was already checked to always open with that application. After that, the MEZ file opened when I double clicked it.

2. I then deleted the association from Windows Explorer, using the Folder Options->File Types tab. I then clicked New in this same tab and manually specified the extension, and in the drop-down application box I selected MultiEdit.Document. This also worked.

3. I again deleted the association, then right-clicked the file and selected Properties. I clicked the Change button next to “Opens With: Unknown application” and again selected Mew32 from the resulting list, making sure the checkbox to always open with this application was selected.

All 3 method resulted in the MEZ file being opened by MultiEdit. I think something is wrong with your OS or your MEW installation. Did you run the MEW installer, or did you copy the MEW install from another PC? I’m wondering if not running the installer failed to write a registry entry for MEW that XP needs to maintain association? Although you should be able to browse to ANY application and make it stick in that list…