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No apologies necessary. I wouldn’t be able to even navigate a Spanish site (I know; I’ve tried ;) ). Just wanted to be sure I was answering the right question.

Currently, Multi-Edit doesn’t deal with multi-line strings at all, in any language. I had to check to be sure there wasn’t support in the code for any of the currently-supported languages, but it’s not there for them, either. We do plan to support just the kind of continuation you mention in version 10. Many requested features become either much easier or possible at all once you’re rewriting the codebase from scratch, as you have all those years of hindsight telling you what not to do. :)

The only workaround I could suggest in the interim would be to restructure any continued strings so that Multi-Edit recognizes each line as a separate string, if that’s possible in the languages you mention. It would be for, say, C++, but I’m not familiar with the specialized languages you’re using, so I can’t say.

If so, your first example might become (again, I don’t know whether this is legal syntax in DDS):

A 19 SFLMSG(‘Los documentos a cancelar’
‘A o son del mismo cliente’ 19

Failing that, your only recourse would be to restructure it onto one line:

A 19 SFLMSG(‘Los documentos a cancelar A o son del mismo cliente’ 19

Should that be the only answer, doing a global or file search and replace with (\’.@ )n(-|\+)$(.@\’) as the search string and \2 as the replace string (UNIX-style) will convert any expression that resembles your first example, and the other two are trivial variants. Incidentally, as I wrote it, I assumed the ‘n’ was part of the continuation symbol, and not the text; if that’s not the case, take it as further proof that I habla no EspaƱol…and I likely even got the pun wrong. ;)