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David Morris

I have to agree with the others, that your request — on it’s surface — seem unreasonable. No disrespect intended, mind you, but to suggest that MEW change the default tab spacing of it’s own macro language to suit a somewhat archaic VCS system is just unreasonable to me.

8 space tabs is common in word processors because for documentation and paragraph indentation it was a norm.

For code, on the other hand, it’s much too large for the vast majority of people. I code for a living in many languages, and look at source code from many different sources. Aside from columnar formatted languages like COBOL and RPG and ASM, and sometimes in shell scripts, I virtually never see tab 8 in any C-style language anymore. Horizontal scrolling would be horrendous for C-based languages like CMAC because deeply nested blocks would disappear off the right edge of the display.

Modern C-style source such as Java, C++, and CMAC are almost universally tabbed out at 2, 3, or 4 spaces. Like Ken, I used to prefer 4. Then shrunk to 3 after changing jobs and that’s what everybody used. Now I prefer 2.

That said, if you prefer 8 space tabstops, you are certainly entitled to do so, and to reformat the source to your pleasure. But I don’t believe that it should be forced that on the majority who would disagree.

Just my $0.02…