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Michal Vodicka


I was thinking about you when wrote it is good idea to implement it ;-)

Seriously, I believe we’re using MEW complementary ways and it is good thing. More possibilities gives us necessary freedom and more users would be satisfied. I prefer editing space and show additional info only when necessary for which purpose intelligent dialogs are better. You (and about half developers I know) prefer intelligent panes displaying relevant info according to current file. Both ways have pros and cons and no one should be preferred. Instead, it should be user’s choice and for every pane there should be an appropriate dialog and vice versa. Some environment (the latest windbg for example) allow dock/undock/tab everything. Quite messy until configured but then it is useful. I still miss old style search results dialog and still plan to recreate it although search panes have some advantages and I’d probably use both.

As for Bill’s idea, it basically describes workspace or session in MEW terminology. What about creating one tree for session which includes all projects as base nodes, files as subnodes and tags as leaves? It wouldn’t break anything, just display information. And it would be the triumph of inefficiency ;-)