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John Martzouco

Hi Clay,

I use multiple windows of 9.10 in the following scenario…

1) I have one ME app running and I’m doing all my edits and work in there.

2) I have WinCVS running so that I can track my files in the version control repository. When I want to do a Diff with the WinCVS, I set it up so it will call an external diff tool… which happens to be ME. When I run the diff, a second instance of ME comes up which only has the two files I’m interested sitting in it. At this point I Text/Compare the current window to Window A and I have my view right in front of me. When I’m done, I shut down the second instance and have my original in the same place I left it.

Now, if it were only possible to run the FC macro immediately when the second instance of ME starts, I’d be living like a king! I’ve tried, but it seems the FC can’t kick in while ME is starting up.