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Clay Martin

Maybe this is a little off in left field (like about 100 miles) but if you had the time to try it…..

1 write a macro (A) that can take a string off the command line and write that string, along with the RunMac (see below) statement and the FC invocation to the bottom of startup2.cfg

2 change your invocation of Me from WinCVS to run macro A instead of FC (passing A the file names of course).

3 come up with a way to conveniently remove that last line from startup2.cfg when you are done with the compare.

Maybe a simple macro (A) would run correctly and thus put off the running of FC until after Me is more fully loaded.

Then again, maybe I just don’t have enough coffee in me yet :wink:

Startup and Startup2 from the manual
The advantage of using the Startup.cfg file over the Startup.s method is that being set up as an Add-On package it can be enabled/disabled as the user pleases just by selecting a button in the Add-On Package Manager dialog.

Startup.cfg is run before all of the command line options are processed and before the session data is restored. Startup2.cfg serves the same purpose except it is run after the command line is processed and the session data is restored which allows for doing things such as overriding global variable values that would be restored in a session restore. Both are run during startup and session switches.

Below are some of the things that can be done in the Startup.cfg file.

– Setting a global integer variable
GInt variable_name value

– Setting a global string variable
GStr variable_name value

– Load a macro file
LoadMac macro_file

Run a macro
RunMac macro_command_line

For actual examples of these, see the Startup.cfg file in the Multi-Edit 9.10 Defaults sub-directory.