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John Martzouco

Hi Dan,

Like I’ve said before, I’m going to give this a try every once in a while. So here goes…

1) I can’t run any macros or template expansions in BCDiffer. I often edit and compare at the same time.

2) BCDiffer takes over the entire fotprint of ME, which makers it impossible for me toggle to anotehr file or the Paste Buffers to get some code to copy in, or stash some code to a ReadMe for my manager.

3) By default, BCDiffer does not let me edit the two panes. I see that there are keystrokes to activate, but I’d like access immediately. And even when it lets me edit, it’s like Excel… off in some edit field that takes my eyes off the pane itself.

4) How do I toggle from the left window to the right using only the keyboard?

5) I can’t map Previous and Next Errors to Alt+PgUp and Alt+PgDn like I’m accustomed to (and wish to maintain).

6) I terribly miss the margin markers that show which lines have been edited.

7) As you mentioned, language syntax highlighting.

8) There is no deafult black color scheme, nor is there a way to save Color Schemes.

I’m pretty happy with the ME compare functionality that’s always been there. It’s been one of my favourite and most "can’t live without features" forever.