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Michal Vodicka

I don’t think there is a macro to check-out all opened files at once but it should be easy to write one. However, I don’t recommend it. Checking-out many files at once can be considered as a bad habit especially in multi user environment. Some VCS implementation (VSS for example) encourage users to do it, others (Perforce), discourage. As previous VSS and current Perforce user I can compare and that’s why I speak about bad habits. There are more which VSS encourages and which makes bigger databases unmaintainable (one of reasons why we switched to Perforce, although it is rather expensive). Even if you don’t plan to use Perforce, I’d recommend to download from their web an article named Best Practices (or something like this), read it carefully and think about ways how you’re using VSS. I did it years before and was surprised how some “obvious” things can be dangerous (VSS links for example).

Well, now I should describe how I use p4 from MEW via SCC provider. On the beginning, all files are checked-in and p4 makes them RO. When I need to edit a file, I check it out via a hotkey and I don’t take one keypress per file as annoying. It is important to have all frequent VSS operation mapped to hotkeys; I’d agree using menu for checking-out is annoying. p4 makes file RW when checked out. Next hotkeys allow to add a new file into archive, compare with archive version, display file history (the latest p4 SCC provider displays a dialog which allows to use most of client operations as version compare, revisions graphs, timelapse views etc.) a revert file changes. When changed files should be checked in, I open p4 client and make this operation from there, not from MEW. It is because p4 operates on changelists i.e. set of files. SCC API is unfortunately conforming to VSS so there is no good expression for a changelist and using p4 client is better. Client can be started directly from MEW, next hotkey and because check-in isn’t so often operation (usually once a day), I also don’t take this need as annoying. I guess checking files in from VSS client can be also better idea if you can mark a set of files and check them in at once with a description (another important thing which VSS doesn’t [or didn’t] encourage — p4 doesn’t allow to check-in a changelist without description).