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Update to the earlier issue. It’s somewhat mutated from my original post. I no longer have the problem where it complains about date/time not matching up.

In Tools -> Customize -> File -> Autosave dialog I have only “Date/Time” selected in the “Determine changed file by”. The “Attribute’ checkbox is not checked.

However, I do have it complaining that the archive flag changed when I switch away from MultiEdit after saving a file and then switching back to it. Like before, it isn’t consistent. Sometimes I can switch back and forth and I won’t be prompted.

I’m using 9.10.04 and sessions and projects are turned on. This seems to happen only in certain projects; so I’m going to venture a guess to say this might be project related. Like is this a global setting but the project is initialized with whatever the setting was when I created the project and now it’s just ignoring the global setting? I’m just guessing, I have no idea how MEW handles this attribute internally.

While the “randomness” of this is still somewhat a mystery and might take awhile to resolve I would like to know why I’m still notified that the archive attribute has changed on the file even though ME should (I assume) be ignoring any and all attributes of the file since the attribute checkmark is not set.

Any suggestions?