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Wow… there’s no real nice way to do this.[/quote:3rpg9la1]

It’s actually not so bad :)

So, I tried reversing the order and working with the algorithm. The only thing wrong with this however, is that when I use Comment/Uncomment, it always uses EOL1 which is five slashes in this case. Not exactly code I want to share with the rest of my team.

How did you set this up to work in your environment, James?

You will want them reversed, like you mentioned, so it doesn’t always match on EOL comment #1.

If you go to "Tools | Customize | Languages" and then edit the language you are working with (C/C++ or Java, perhaps), there is a button marked "Property Strings". It’s a catch-all for configuration options that don’t have a dedicated radio button, checkbox, or edit box on the dialog. Anyhow, click that button. A large text area will pop up.

In it, I have:


Which tells ME to use comment #4 with the comment/uncomment macro. I don’t recall if I had to put a patch into the source to use it that property, or if ME supports this "out of the box" now. If it doesn’t work for you I can try to give you a "diff" to use.

Good luck!