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Yeah, ME2006 is advertaised to have resizeable dialogs, but how many resizeable ones there actually are, other than the Edit Templates and the "Browsing: <foo>" dialogs? I can’t find anything else than those and was very disappointed when discovered that the dialogs which are crying out loud to become resizeable, still aren’t. How about for example the following ones:
[list:14g6kyjx]Window List
Execute Compiler (mentioned above)
Expand Template
Install & Manage Add-On Packages
Debug Settings
Recorded Macro Manager
Edit Keystrokes
Project Quick List
Filename Extension Setup
Color Setup
Command Mapping
Edit Menu Set
Edit Toolbox
Helper Applications
<foo> Tag Database
Manage Help Files
Help Viewers Setup[/list:u:14g6kyjx]
All of these – and generally ALL dialogs with any multi-line fields (e.g. text&list boxes / tree views) – should already have been resizeable when programmed. Let’s take the command map for example. You are enforced to view and understand a database of hundreds of records through of a list box whose height is only 11 lines and width so small that the fields on a line are colliding with each other… Definitely no way.

Also, every dialog which has text fields intented to contain long entries – e.g. search dialogs w/ regexps – should be at least horizotally resizeable. Trying to understand, edit and test a regexp even no longer than 40 characters is hopeless with that miserable tiny text field, not to mention longer regexps with hundreds of characters.

Please be so kind and make the resizeableness to be fact and not fiction so that all of the previously mentioned dialogs and all of the future ones like them can be freely resized and maximized to fill the whole screen and that they remeber their sizes and positions. The Template Editor is very good – do keep that line through the other ones, too.