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It would be handy to have a ‘treat-as’ command line flag; I know people tend to have wildly different extensions for the same general type of files.

Hi Brent,

I have a longstanding todo item to be able to map arbitrary file extensions to language types using the Config Tool, it is something that I will add soon I hope. By the end of next month I should possibly have my other deadlines out of the way and that will be implemented.

On a (tangentially) related note, has anyone tried Trita with ASP files? I was wondering if it’s possible to run Trita once to process it as HTML, ignoring whatever is between <% %> and a second time to handle Javascript inside <% %>. Yeah, wishful thinking, and I’m sure a giant PITA on the implementation side of things…

Yes, that’s a big item. I plan to support VB, VB script and ASP asap and I’ll probably have that working before I finish the file type mapping thing.

Is there a ReadMe type thing for Trita outlining what’s changed between different versions? I noticed that the version appears to be a couple of builds newer than what I installed, but I can’t find a change log anywhere to see what’s different. Since the Trita ‘user forum’ is a page saying “Email Me!” I haven’t found a better place to ask this. Emailing the author seems like overkill for idle curiousity.

There’s no change log yet, but with the next version I’m going to start using an email list to let people know when the latest copy is ready.

It’s no problem at all to email me about anything, you can contact me at

Best regards,