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Can you write C/Delphi/Shell script/etc to do what your looking for? It would be pritty easy to call out to an external program in MEW.

a vb script on the order of:

obj = CreateObject(‘microsoft.xml.parser.thing’)

Granted. I’m not a vb programmer, nor have I written vb scripts… But then you could run “cscript doxml.vb” from mew to do your bidding!

As for using activex direct from CMAC, I have no idea if its possible.

If you post some more detailed info about your programming background and the activex stuff you want to do, we might be able to help you more.

I’v seen Brent write some vb shell script stuff to convert files from ascii to unicode, so he might be able to help out

If your a C programmer and want to write a DLL check out David’s (aka deleyd) tutorials in the “user created macros” forum.