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The “Lock cursor on v-scroll” checkbox determines whether a TRUE or FALSE is passed as the first parameter to CMAC built-in fuction MEW_ScrollUp and MEW_ScrollDown.

I tested those functions back in September and deduced that it made no difference whether TRUE or FALSE was passed.


It appears from macros ScrollUp & ScrollDn in MeSys.s that if the first parameter to MEW_ScrollUp or MEW_ScrollDown is TRUE we expect the cursor to remain bound to its position in the text (at least until the cursor reaches the top or bottom of the window), but experiment shows it makes no difference, so “Lock cursor on v-scroll” checkbox has no effect.

EDIT: Actually we expect the opposite, because the call negates the MoveCursor variable:[code:3enrozr9]Mew_ScrollUp( !MoveCursor, 1 );[/code:3enrozr9]