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Those are all good questions. Hopefully the new CMAC manual will cover this more indepth.

The example code given in HELP about arrays and structures actually generates an error when the index jx=100, because arrays start at zero:[code:1bku5yiz]struct ts
int tarray[100];

void test_array
struct ts m;
int jx;

m.tarray[jx] = jx; // Attempting to write to an array
// that is out of bounds will
// generate a run-time error
make_message( str(m.tarray[22]) );
in CMAC arrays can only be created inside a structure.
Above, m is the structure, tarray[100] is the array inside the structure. The array goes from tarray[0]tarray[99]. To reference an array element you have to specify the structure (m) and the array within the structure



CMAC does not support “an array of strings”. (Note above it’s an array of integers).