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Windows internals don’t scare you? Now you’re scaring me, Michal. :shock: When I said the DDKs weren’t available anymore for free, I meant on Microsoft’s site. I’ve no doubt they’re being mirrored elsewhere; I have no idea as to the legality of that.

I would argue, though, that those other docs I mentioned can be terribly useful. I consider the registry stuff a must-have, and if you do any system configuration, the installer file material, as well. I guess it’s just a matter of what’s useful to you in the particular programming you do. I only wanted to list the three or four biggest collections of good stuff from Microsoft. Personally, I’ve always found it odd that the only middlin’ decent registry listing from Microsoft isn’t in the Platform SDK, but elsewhere. Anyway, I’ve been asked this question or one similar to it with enough frequency that I thought it a good idea to mention the files where others could see it.

Likewise, the download procedures are quirky enough to be worth mentioning. I always do a scrub and new install from the downloaded files, instead of letting the site have its way with my machine, as it seems to suffer from all the problems the XP Update site has, and then some. It crashes with great regularity on machines that have no trouble with the Update site, which is particularly odd given that it’s a free download, and most of the problems people have with the XP Update site relate to the ActiveX control it uses to verify that you have a legal copy. I guess I should shut up. I’m probably scaring everyone now. :)