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Michal Vodicka

I thought at least the OS would be obvious from the screenshot. :oops:[/quote:2zd88697]

Ah, you’re rigth. I haven’t noticed it because use classic view at XP and w2k3, this new look is too ugly ;-)

FWIW Michael I’ve been running MEW ever since the first version (and ME-DOS for many years before that) and I’ve never seen this behavior on either 9x or NT OS’s until this started after v9.10. Maybe it’s the same problem you saw years ago, but it’s the first I’ve seen it in all of my years in working with MEW (btw I’m the Telnet developer).[/quote:2zd88697]

My theory is the problem depends on timing which depends on OS, computer speed and also changes with MEW version. That’s why you might not notice it before although it is probably there for years. I’m almost sure I saw it with MEW 8.0 and also 9.0.

Well, there is something to examine. Download System Internal’s FileMon [url:2zd88697][/url:2zd88697] and Process Explorer [url:2zd88697][/url:2zd88697]. Install the, start FileMon and try to reproduce problem. It’d be useful to set filter to affected file(s). Don’t filter process, because there can be something else which accesses this file. Once reproduced, try to Retry several times and then save log. Before cancelling error, start Process Explorer and try to find all processes who have opened this file. If you don’t find anything useful, send me saved FileMon log.

I’ll check on configuring AVG to ignore C/H files, but I’m thinking it only scans binary or script extensions capable of execution.[/quote:2zd88697]

It seems reasonable but I saw AVs which scanned everything by default (and caused problems for our sw). Better to check.