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Bret Sutton

I finally found the bug that’s causing this behavior. The SplitWin macro always assumes that the user will be editing with an ANSI font. So if, for example, my ANSI font is set to 20-pt r-ansi, but I’m using OEM font 6-pt Terminal, the window size calculations will be off by a country mile, and the text window will be shoved off the right of the screen and won’t come back when the hex window is closed. It’s still there; you can see it in the window list, and you can zoom it or close it.

Here’s the fix. In line 2530 of Window.s, change the first parameter passed to Get_Window_Font_Handle to some value other than 0 (the default ANSI font) or -1 (the default OEM font). That way, it will recognize the font in use in that particular window.

You may wish to check the coding of this parameter in the six other macro files that also make calls to Get_Window_Font_Handle.