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Once again, I find myself agreeing heartily with Andy’s comments.

I pretty much live in MEW throughout the day, and I’ve spent a significant amount of time making it do what I want it to. That’s hugely important, because MEW does what I want, I don’t have to re-train myself to do things the MEW way.

I’m trying to get in the habit of using the Oracle add-on instead of TOAD when I’m playing with my develoment database, but the feature-set of TOAD is hard to give up.

Having the ability to build my own stuff has made me into a major fan. I’m primarily a Clarify developer, which uses a dialect of VB. I’ve been able to create the languages for ClearBasic, the Clarify database schema definition, forms, etc. Setting up compiler entries to load code and forms into the database, or apply schema changes, has allowed me to ditch the less than convenient Clarify development tools in favor of their command-line batch equivalents. I built a schema browser so I can keep track of field/relationship names from inside MEW. The list just goes on and on.

During our upgrade, I was able to modify my macros to deal with the fact that I’ve got three different versions of all the Clarify tools, so the correct ones would be used for each database.

Despite vendor changes, my interface remains the same. And that doesn’t even count the time I save working in Perl, VBScript, ASP/Javascript, etc.

All in all, MEW has been a huge productivity boost.