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Thanks, deleyd, for your repsonse. I agree with you and disagree with Dan that checking CR/LF at EOF is a workaround. On the contrary, this plus the file not ending with CR/LF is what makes this bug happen!

Dan seems to think this is a minor issue, and I’m also unsure about this. This bug wouldn’t matter if every file I edited had been created and modified only with ME, and I never changed the CR/LF at EOF flag, or I never added a line to the end of a file. But otherwise it can easily happen.

And it has. I’ve been bitten by this bug quite a few times. The most recent was when I added a line to the bottom of an .htaccess file for my site. ME said on screen that I had four lines in the file, when in reality there were only three. The result was that an important section of my site was down for a week before a user finally let me know. I decided then that I should investigate the bug thoroughly and report it.