Reply To: Missing CMac comiler exe

Clay Martin

Hi ketivar,

Sorry I did not see this sooner but the system did not flag this catagory as having messages I had not read… :oops:

I noticed that you posted a question about running SAS from ME in the other forum. If you were using ME Lite for SAS you can execute SAS and look over the results(log and out) with the F3 key, context menu or the “run SAS” button on the SAS tool bar.

Now if you do feel like wacking out some custom macros, Carl is right you can’t compile a macro with any lite version, but that does not stop you from using any of the other SAS tools in ME Lite for SAS.

On the other hand if you want all the SAS related functions found in ME Lite for SAS and wanted access to the macros behind them, and be able to write your own macros and modify the SAS related ones you would need a full copy of Multi-Edit and EZRTools (the SAS add-on package).