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There are currently problems with both spelling database files COMMON.DIC and ME.DIC (they’re in the Multi-Edit\Utils folder). If you run SPELLEXP.EXE on them and look at the results you’ll see what the problems are. [SPELLEXP.EXE expands the files into a text file listing all the words. SPELLCMP.EXE does the reverse, compressing a text file listing all the words into a database creating e.g. COMMON.DIC and ME.DIC]

I wrote an alternate spelling checker for Multi-Edit to bypass these problems. It’s at:

The COMMON.DIC file from earlier versions of Multi-Edit is still OK and useable. I’ll attach a good copy of it here as COMMON8.DIC (in a .zip file)

You could if you wanted take the lexical list of English words I provide at my above alternate spelling checker topic URL (file EDX_DICTIONARY.TXT) and run SPELLCMP.EXE on it to create a new and good ME.DIC file.