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David, Following your instructions I am able to execute the telnet but it returns saying no such file is present.In fact I have setup FTP as well including associating directories in the local directories to the remote ones (on-to-one correspondence). Here is my setup.
The remote Clearcase VOB is mounted locally to a directory say y:\
So in fact the remote directory /vobs/packageXXX/YYY/ZZZ is associated to
So when editing /vobs/packageXXX/YYY/ZZZ/AAA.CPP, I set the compiler command to the following:
gcc <NAME>.<EXT> -o <NAME>.o
It says AAA.CPP:No such file.
Should I be setting the remote root directory to /vobs?
What should be my compiler command?
In fact FTC by itsef does not work because I need to set my clearcase view on the remote machine.
(execute ct setview …) before initiating the FTP….